Development of Binding "Hello Dolly" for openHAB 2.5.x

Dear Community,

It seems useful for me to create a new binding to improve my skills regarding the new procedures of openHAB 2.5.x.

Therefore I picked the Helly Dolly approach, which is quite famous in the WordPress community: a line of the lyrics of the Louis Armstrong’s song will be shown in a text field on the user interface.

My goal is that this thread will help other developers too, who want to get started with binding development. Maybe it will be even possible to put the contents of this thread into the official docs after the binding will be finished. I will keep this thread updated and thanks in advance for all the people who want to contribute or support me with some advice.

Best regards,

Workflow of creating the Helly Dolly binding:


That looks to be a variant of the standard “Hello, World” used in programming.

Yes, it is like a Hello World …

Next step: as you can see I was assigned to the “hello dolly” binding issue, see .

Now I wrote more code and I want to commit again. The binding code is in its own branch and “mvn clean install -DskipChecks=true -DskipTests=true” builds successfully.

Do I need to update my branch “feature-hello-dolly-binding” by pulling in the newest changes of the current openhab2-addons master branch into my branch? Thanks in advance for your answer.

UPDATE: the contribution guidelines gave me a hint (see ). So it is forbidden to add commits of other people to a PR - that means imho it is not possible to pull in such commits into your feature branch before your commit?! Summing up, I committed my local changes to my remote repo and created a PR to the master branch of openhab2-addons. Github said that a merge into the master branch should work automatically.

UPDATE 2: the Travis CI tool mentioned that there were no problems related to my PR.