Device discovering found no devices with Alexa Smarthome Skill

Hello, I have installed the openhab cloud connector and the openhab Skill on my mobilephone. The cloud connector shows online. I have created a simple Light with a switch and added the Metadata Amazon Light to the Light group and the Metadata Light.PowerState to the switch. Version Openhab: openhab SNAPSHOT 3.2.0~S2614-1
Also I have set the Log to DEBUG and there is only for the connector the INFO for connecting ok. Nothing else.

Hopefully someone can help me.

Do you mean PowerController.powerState? I don’t think Light.powerState is a recognized capability. I use the UI for this and I apply the label “Lighting” in the Metadata, and that works for me. If you’re writing your own files, I think you use the label “Switchable”.

Hi, I configured also via UI. There is Light.PowerState possible. I red at the manual, that both is possible.

I did both ways and nothing worked.

I went searching for Light.powerState. I could be wrong, but I think Light.powerState is only for color items (.e.g, controlling a colored lightbulb). In any case, if you used the UI and selected the “Lighting” Metadata option (“Switchable” should also work) and it didn’t work for you, then I’m not sure what’s going on. Sorry I couldn’t help further.

We submitted the new skill for certification. So hopefully it will be available for all in the coming days.

Until then, you will have to use the old metadata syntax using the “Code” tab.

Ah ok, thanks! Than its clear that it will not work!

The new skill is live now. So it should work with the new metadata syntax.

I have trouble finding devices with the Alexa app. While this works:

Switch GA_Gehweg_Alexa “Gehweg” (gAlexa) {alexa=“Switch”, homekit=“Switchable”}

this does not and is blocking the discovery process at all:

Dimmer GA_Sonnenschirm_di_Alexa “Sonnenschirm” (gAlexa) {alexa=“Light”}
Dimmer GA_Sonnenschirm_di_Alexa “Sonnenschirm” (gAlexa) {alexa=“Lighting”}

I am on OH 3.2.0.M5 with Alexa Skill being updated 22hours ago.
Any ideas? Thanks a lot

I responded to the same question you posted on the other thread.

okay, thanks a lot for responding. Happy to follow up via the other thread.