Device discovery and Configuration


Why Device discovery and configuration of channel, things and items are not supported in Habpanel ?


Hi, that’s not its primary purpose, beside there are 2 other GUIs - Paper UI and HABmin - covering these areas pretty nicely already.

To elaborate, device discovery and configuration of channels are systems administration tasks which only an administrator should do. OH has two administration UIs, PaperUI and Habmin, The other UIs are user interfaces and therefore they lack such administration functions.

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Hi @ysc and @rlkoshak,

My Usecase is as below:

As a end user I would like to use HABpanel as one stop gap app to discover, configure(things, items, rules), manage and monitor the home automation using mobile device.

So that I need not switch betweeen different UI for different purpose to access my home.

If anyone in community is thinking/working on the same line, please share your ideas.

IMHO, with this effort whole community can work on a single app solution for mobile, tablet and desktop to move forward.


I believe that is the purpose of Habmin.

Personally I do not want me users to have the ability to do any adminstration activities at all.

I tend to agree with @rlkoshak; HABPanel is mostly for daily, casual use, and maintaining another complete implementation of an openHAB/ESH administration & configuration interface - supposedly used less frequently -, while possible, is not a priority.
(You might argue there are configuration screens already, but they’re only to configure HABPanel itself).