Device does not appear after heal the device


Is there a way to recover a device after to set “heal to device”?
After to this the device does not appear when doing a z-wave scanner. OH3

Could you explain what problem are you trying to solve, otherwise all here are trying to guess what your problem is? (e.g. why do you need to heal the device?)

In addition please give us more information:

  • which device
  • which ZWave controller
  • Is there anything useful in the logs?

When changing the site device, I wanted to delete it from the network and start over for a new configuration. Because before it was in a blind and now an automatic window.
The device is FGR222 Roller Shutter 2.

Does that also mean you changed the controller, or is the device still connected to the same controller?
Easies way would be

  • exclude the device from the controller
  • include the device again

And if that fails for some reason, you still can reset the device as noted in the documentation of the device.

On the other hand, if the device is still doing the same but in another context (from controlling a blinds motor, it’s now controller the window actuator) you would not necessarily need to change anything on the ZWave side.

You only would need to delete the openHAB Thing that’s connected to the device, and create a new Thing.

The problem is that it does not appear when I do a scan zwave to add a new thing, before clicking on heal device if it appeared

Probably the connection between the device and the controller got lost.
Best would be to reset the device, put the binding in inclusion mode and add the device again.