Device Missing for ZWave inclusion

Please find details below for MCO Dimmer

link to manual

Z-Wave Node 7 (015F:511A:1452:2.0)

Unknown Device

This device has not been fully discovered by the binding. There are a few possible reasons for this -:

  • The device is not in the database. If the device attributes show that this device has a valid manufacturer ID, device ID and type, then this is likely the case (eg. you see a label like " Z-Wave node 1 (0082:6015:020D::2.0) "). Even if the device appears to be in the database, some manufacturers use multiple sets of references for different regions or versions, and your device references may not be in the database. In either case, the database must be updated and you should raise an issue to get this addressed.
  • The device initialisation is not complete. Once the device is included into the network, the binding must interrogate it to find out what type of device it is. One part of this process is to get the manufacturer information required to identify the device, and until this is done, the device will remain unknown. For mains powered devices, this will occur quickly, however for battery devices the device must be woken up a number of times to allow the discovery phase to complete. This must be performed with the device close to the controller.

Status: -


zwave_class_basic ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_class_generic MULTILEVEL_SWITCH
zwave_frequent false
zwave_version 2.0
zwave_listening true
zwave_plus_devicetype LIGHT_DIMMER_SWITCH
zwave_deviceid 5202
zwave_nodeid 7
zwave_routing true
zwave_beaming true
zwave_class_specific SCENE_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL
zwave_manufacturer 351
zwave_devicetype 20762

I don’t think this device is in the database.

Please see here for how to add it.

Thanks have now added to DB, will it pickup in time or do i need to remove and re-discover.

The database change will be included in the next version of the zwave binding, which @chris normally does every few days. To pick up the new device, you will need to install the next version of the binding. How you do that depends on what type of OH release you’re running – Snapshot, Milestone, or Release.

@SimonF I took a quick look at the database entry and the device manual. If you want to use the full features of the device, it looks like you also need to add Association Groups (page 2 of the manual) and Configuration Parameters (page 3 of the manual). Association Group 1 looks particularly important, as that is where the device will send reports of it’s dimming state (which normally would be set to the controller node).

Thanks Mark, will review and update.

I am running openHAB 2.3.0-1 (Release Build) once the update in the database is published is link on how to install the latest version?

I’ve only ever run the snapshot releases, so I don’t know exactly how to convert from a stable release to a snapshot release, or from a stable release to a milestone release. But, I know it can be done. I briefly looked for the instructions, but couldn’t find them. Maybe someone can post a link explaining how to do this.

Thanks for your help Mark, following update by Chris today and updating to snapshot new switch now works.

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