Device not registering to

Hello everyone,

I am using OH2.2.0 snapshot (build #1070) with to connect remotely.
I have had no problem connecting with 2 iphones (I see them in the device section of and they receive notifications) but there is no way I can have my android tablets registered. They are running the openhab client just fine, either locally but also remotely through but they never show up in the device list of and do not reveive notifications either.

Do you have any clue of what I should look at in terms of setup?


@olivier May be you can elaborate a bit what do you mean by register? do you mean login? or register openhab instance ?

Hi @Isafelix75

Sorry if the message was unclear. By ‚Äúnot registering‚ÄĚ, I mean that the device is not listed in the website under the top right menu accessible by clicking on your email address and then devices.

My iphones get registered OK (appear in the list) but my android tablet do not (even though they connect to openhab using the myopenhab remote access)

Hope this is clearer.


@olivier did you solve your problem with the non registered Android device? Same issue here… no obivous error using OH 2.1 stable…


Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately not.
I am with release OH 2.3 and still the same behavior.

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There is no 2.3 release yet, so you are probably on a SNAPSHOT version.:wink: