Device search for local project

Hello everyone and I hope I have not set the question wrong. I’m new to OpenHab and home automation (I only have theory behind it); I would like to start a home project by inserting some lamps and / or sockets to do some practice and only then add some switches, thermostats, etc. The goal would be to create a system that works locally, therefore with a network other than the home one and that does not interface with the outside world. However, I see that many devices interface with cloud systems to communicate with OpenHab. At the moment I have a Philips lamp and a tuya at home but the first uses the cloud and the second is a bit complicated to set up.
I leave you some questions:
-Would you have any models to recommend to me?
-Is my project feasible and logical?
-Does it make sense to create a system of this type with a local network?

Common local-only devices for you to research:

  • Z-Wave
  • ZigBee
  • WiFi devices flashed with Tasmota (usually using an ESP8266 chip inside the device)

Perfect im going to learn more about this tecnology. Is it possible to use a normal router or i need a specific hub?

For Z-Wave and ZigBee you will need hardware to ‘translate’ from these protocols into something that openHAB can work with. That can be a hub, or a USB coordinator. Check the binding pages for the two protocols for recommendations.

For WiFi: you won’t need anything else, assuming you already have WiFi!

perfect, thanks you