Device to Monitor an Outlet Being Live vs Tripped

Hi all, i need to monitor an outlet that controls some growing in my greenhouse. first time it happened today, the outlet tripped. its a gfi. we can discuss the electrical wiring that fine, but right now, i just want to know a good way to monitor that outlet and if it trips then i want to know that it tripped. and/or, i could put a monitor on the electrical cord.

thoughts on this would be great! I want to get a text message or an email that tells me its off.


You could use a plug-in controller (zwave, sonoff basic, whatever) and look for the device to go offline. You don’t have to actually control anything with it. It would just be a sensor.

I would use a sonoff basic:

Flash a new firware called tasmotta:

The sonoff will then broadcast an MQTT message every 5 minutes by default (configurable) it also instructs the MQTT broket to publish a Last Will and Testament message when it losses connection (Power off). You can then monitor that message in OH and when your device is offline, you know that your power tripped. Job done.


Excellent, those are great ideas. I have flashed the sonoff’s and am using those to control the shutters and fans. Working great! Makes sense to use something similar for the towers.

I’ll search but do you guys know of a good post that describes how to get the email or txt alert for a failure? I need to be proactive if something goes down.


Look at the mail action

I know you specifically asked to be notfied by SMS (text) or e-mail, but you may also want to look into the

sendNotification(userName, notificationText)

I personally use it to notify me when a device errors out (using LWT as described) or when a binding stop sending data (using the expire binding).

Thanks guys, can those be used to alert on when openhab itself goes offline?

If OH goes offline then OH rules won’t work anymore. You will need something else.

  • A script that monitor a process and sends an email
  • OH to send a heartbeat to node-red and sends an email

You have several options

If you are using sendNotification then you are using with the Cloud Connector binding and a phone app. So, given all that then yes, myopenhab will send an alert to your phones when your OH server disconnects.

If you want SMS or email or one of the other push notification services then you need something external to OH like Vincent suggests.

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I didn’t get those Notification (online/offline) since January and i thought this topic was the reason. Isnt it?

Edit: myopenHAB release update

That topic does not seem related. I know I’ve received online/offline notifications since January. I’ve received on in the past couple of weeks. There were some performance issues with recently and some problems where people were receiving other people’s notifications. I thought that was all straightened out but haven’t followed it that closely.

It might be the case that the online/offline notification doesn’t work right now, but it doesn’t make sense to me that just that notification would be turned off. I’m receiving all my other notifications as expected.

My notifications also work, except online / offline.