Devices don't disappear from google assistant

Hello, I don’t know if this is a google assistant problem or a openhab! But I removed a item from my openhab item list, a thermostat, that was synced with google assistant. I synced the google assistant and the item disappeared from the available items list. The problem is that if I ask “Is the Thermostat ON” the assistant replays that the “Living Room Thermostat isn’t available right now” and now if I add a new item with the name Thermostat google assistant states that he does not know witch device to use (because there are now 2 with the same name, even that I removed it from the config and synced).

I tries to reboot the openhab and use “openhab-cli clean-cache” the problem still persist.

Thank You

Are you sure it has been deleted from google?

To the best of my knowledge you have to manually delete items from google.

I did not deleted it from Google, I only removed it from openhab and done a sync in Google! The item disappears from the list of devices.

What do you mean by delete from Google? Removing it from openhab and doing a sync does not removes it? But I don’t see the item in the Google Home app anymore.

did you go into the google app and verify it was gone?

I had devices stick around in the past unless I manually delete prior to sync devices. Basically sync would add but not always remove.

If you went into the app and saw the device gone then I don’t have further suggestions.

Yes they are gone from the app, but the assistant still is aware of them! If for example I say to set the temperature of the thermostat to 25, he says that is not able because e does not know witch one to change, probably because there are 2!

If i say to set the temperature of the living room to 25 I get a replay saying that he set the temperature of 2 devices to 25! When I only have one and in the app shows only one!

Here is an idea add old one back, sync devices

Then rename to “oldonedelete”. Something that is bogus.

Delete from openhab, resync devices. Maybe it will trick it.

Also if you have not dine so look at your activity and make sure google is hearing the actual thing you are saying.

I did something like this also once before.

Hi, i have a similar problem. I can see items in the google home app that i deleted from my openhab server, or other items that are no longer exposed through the items that are no longer exposed thru the cloud can even be switched on and off in openhab :crazy_face: (i verified this in basic ui). I recently exposed other items in myopenhab, wich dont show up in google home. I looked everywhere in the google home app for a delete or sync option but i cant find them. I did manage to break the google “voice match” option by playing with google home settings for language (now its constantly greyed out, no matter wich language i select :upside_down_face:)