Devolo MT2652 Scene Switch: Battery is draining fast

Hi everybody,

I am having trouble setting up my Scene Switch MT2652 from Devolo. I somehow managed to set it up, so that it turns my Home Control Metering Plug on and off. I have to be honest that I can´t remember how I managed to do so, but I remember it also took a long try and error.

Now my biggest issue is the quick draining of the battery. I already tried to put the Polling Period up to 6h and the Wakeup Node to the Metering Plug, which is right beside the switch. Despite the fact, that this configuration also seems to be faulty from time to time, it still drains the battery very fast.

My question is, if anybody else is having trouble with the MT2652? All the other Devolo Devices are working perfectly with my OpenHab configuration. Maybe I am missing out some details, or the compatibility just is odd?

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Note that while this will probably not impact battery life (too much), it will prevent the device working properly. This should be set to the controller (in fact, OH should have done this automatically).

Thank you for the hint!

I had a look at my Scene Switch setup and found the wakeup node switched back to the controller anyways - that´s what I mean with having problems configurating it. I enter new information, send it and the next day the new value is back to normal.

Very hard to find the cause for that!

Normally the debug logs should allow this to be resolved?

Actually a very good idea. Can I access the debug logs only through “Openhab Log Viewer” from the main menu or is there another way with more debugging options at hand?

Sorry for all these basic questions, I only have the feeling I am still only scratching on the very surface of what openhab can do!

I don’t tend to use the log viewer, so can’t comment on that. The logs are stored in the userdata/logs folder, but you will need to enable debug logging to see what’s going on (use the Karaf command log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave).

More info on logging is here -:

You can then use my ZWave log viewer to see what is happening - it will be a lot more clear than trying to read the logs directly.

Thanks @chris, I tried your ZWave log viewer and it really makes things easier! I am now trying to understand the information given and looking for a solution to my battery problem. Thanks!

In the meantime, maybe there is somebody else with the same problem! Appreciating any help :slight_smile:

@chris I did some tests with my system and looked at the log files with your ZWave log viewer. For me to better debug I have some general questions to your viewer.

For example, my thermostate does regulary the following things:

I generally understand what is going on, but would like to know what the different labels mean.

  • What does the green RX, or the red TX mean?
  • What does the yellow REQ, or the gray RES mean?

Is there somewhere some kind of documentation of all these labels?

Thank you very much and sorry for annoying you with these basic questions :slight_smile:

These are RX=Receive and TX=Transmit frames from the bindings perspective.

These are REQ=Request and RES=Response frames. I’d suggest not to get too hung up on the difference here.

You can find some of it on the website.

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So I might have finally been able to change the Wakeup Interval and so get much better results in my battery draining problem. I got these log entries, when changing the intervall and after that waking up my device.

Interval set to 3200:

Interval set to 1 (well, it set this itself after I changed more than one parameter at once. Maybe the trick is, to only change one parameter at a time and first make sure, it got accepted):

Interval set to 7200:

I will keep an eye on this, if everything still works properly tomorrow. But I hope my problem will be solved!

One more question:
Are the numbers unter the log entries hex-values and can one tell what they mean? I found the Period-Setting in the fifth and sixth number group from the left and some seem to always be the same.

Or am I trying to dig to deep :slight_smile: ?