Devolo thermostat MT2650 not found


i have an zwave stick an one zwave device (Fibaro Mutisensor), this works fine.

Now i buyed two Devolo thermostats mt2650. I installed it and on the small display blinks the Antenna an bell symbol. it seems this is the inclusion mode, but if i startet it over paperUI or habmin with the search icon nothing is found.

the log shows only the binding event:

2017-07-07 09:08:22.600 [BindingEvent ] - org.openhab.binding.zwave.event.BindingEvent@117f8ca3
2017-07-07 09:08:52.753 [BindingEvent ] - org.openhab.binding.zwave.event.BindingEvent@1b0e2055

i dont know what is the mistake.

thanks for help

I don’t see any MT2650 in the database, so it won’t work.

Check if an xml has been created (/userdata/zwave/), get an account login (, ask Chris for edit rights via email and upload the xml so the device gets added to the database.

MT02650	Devolo Thermostat (09356)

To include the device. hold the middle button and then put the batteries inside. Nothing in the devolo doc but in the danfoss-doc.
so the device is included but as an “Unknown Device”

No, but the MT02650 is :wink:

(probably we should be consistent with the naming here…)

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You are right, that device is in the database with a different manufactorer:

Now you need to wake it up several times to get recognized (because it is a battery device and therefore is sleeping most of the time to save battery).

o.k thanks the first devolo have data. the second not but i hope this comes (battery device).

is it true to set the temperature it is the best way to write an rule for it?

If you just want to change the temperature you could use a simple setpoint in your sitemap:


i have now the problem that node 2 and node 4 are the same devolo but only node 2 works. it seems that node 4 is an ghost node. how can i delete this? every time on search shows it again

node 3 the first devolo woks

Go to advanced mode in HABmin , set it to failed and then remove it from the controller with the corresponding button.

I tried this but it was not working.
i make a hard reset an now i have all devices inside.

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Hello, I might have a similar issue with the Devolo thermostat that I recently bought. The article number is slightly different in my case though: Devolo Thermostat (09590) as opposed to Devolo Thermostat (09356).

After retrying for some time and pressing all buttons on the device it still shows up as ‘Unknown Device’ and the log says:
NODE 4: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 7FFFFFFF:7FFFFFFF:7FFFFFFF::0.0

Might this be a database issue?

If you don’t get any thing type and id it’s probably not (only) a database issue. The device did not send those information, so you may need to include it again.
If you have a thing type and id you can look it up in the database and maybe need to add it if it is not in there yet.

Thanks for your help. It might have been a combination of bad luck, the thermostat not coupling in ‘mounting mode’ and a failed factory reset of the device. However, it’s working now. Thanks again sihui.

Normally this is simply caused by the device not waking up. Just for information, if this happens there is no need to include again - the manufacturer information is not provided as part of inclusion - it is part of the device initialisation.

Often all that’s needed is to wake the device up which is probably why it’s working now.

Thx, I always forget about this part :sunglasses:

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