Dewenwils Smart Dimmer Plug/Socket HODP01A

Running openHAB 3.4.2 on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4

I purchased a couple of these. They have 2 independently controllable dimmable sockets with on-off switches.
They work well with Home Assistant.
Is there an existing binding that will work with this device(s) or do I need to try to make them work via MQTT<>HA?

If it’s a Tuya-based device, it might work with the the SmartHomeJ Tuya binding.

You need to add SmartHomeJ as a JSON 3rd Party Addon Service in your Main UI settings. Then it’ll show up as a separate repository in your bindings.

Thanks, Russ. I’ll try it.

No luck yet with the SmartHomeJ Addon.

Might be operator headspace. I’m not sure if the device should automatically arrive in my Inbox. If not, I haven’t figured out how to add it manually (items in red, below).

It should be autodiscovered from your Tuya developer account.

Unfortunately it isn’t, which makes me suspect it isn’t a Toya-compatible device.

I might poke around with Wireshark and will try contacting the manufacturer.

If it isn’t, you wouldn’t be able to add it to your Tuya Developer Account in the first place.

Sorry if I misled you. Although I have a Tuya Developer Account, the device does not show up there.

No worries, my first post was vague. When I said “if it’s a Tuya-based device”, I meant “if you know it’s a Tuya-based device”. I think you took that to mean that you should install the binding to find out if it works. Sorry about that.

Since it’s not a Tuya device, I don’t know how to help you. I can’t even find any info about this specific product on the web.

Thanks. I’ve contacted the manufacturer, but won’t hold my breath for a response.

On a hunch, I’m testing to see if it might be TP-Link KP405 compatible. I’ll let you know.

Strange… I did a lookup on the MAC address of the IP I think is the device in question and it reports it as a Tuya Device! I’ll do some more poking.

We’re going around in circles a bit here, so I’m going to back up. Apologies if I speak to things you’ve already done, but I want to make sure we’re on the same page.

As stated in the SmartHomeJ Tuya binding documentation, you have to register your device using the SmartLife or Tuya Smart app, using the same login/password as you use for your Tuya Developer Account. Some manufacturers produce their own versions of the Tuya apps, but those won’t work for this purpose. Every Tuya device should work with the SmartLife and Tuya Smart app.

If you’re able to do that with your Dewenwils sockets, then they are definitely Tuya devices. Follow the instructions to make them visible in your Tuya Developer Account, so that openHAB can pick them up.

I suppose it’s also possible that Dewenwils has built a Tuya product that doesn’t work with the Tuya cloud, but I’d be surprised if that’s the case.

Thanks again for all your help, but I have decided to abandon this project.

The manufacturer did reply saying the devices aren’t compatible with any others. I was also unable to discern anything useful with Wireshark. I was also unable to get the device “seen” on the Tuya site.

So I have ordered a couple TP-Link/Kasa KP-405 plugs for which there is already a binding. Since the devices I have do work stand-alone with Smart Life and Google Assistant, it’s not a total loss.