Dezentralized air-handling system

i want to include a air handling system with waste heat recovery. (i dont know if that are the correct english words)

Does anyone know which system (available in germany) is compatible with openhab? i want something like… if the co2 is low, the air handling is off… co2 high - airhandling high.

the problem is, that the system it self is changeing the push/pull direction every 1-2 minutes, so a simple dimmer or a on/off switch would ne work generally.

any ideas?

HRV heat recovery ventilation.
You just insert the heat exchanger in-line with your hvac system but please be careful as the waste warm moist air will create moisture in the unit which need to drain. Also if reversing the air direction through the same unit bacteria can grow so needs to be done by someone who can design it correctly. Look up Legionnaires…

Usually the air direction is only one way from what I remember when looking into them. They bring fresh air
Inside and reclaim 80% of the waste heat. You
Could design it as a stand-alone fresh air system.