Did a error with widget creation - how to delete now?

during widget creation a used “/” which is I think critical for the name :

now when I click on the widget I have a error :

how to solve now ? how to delete, because delete also not working :

What version of OH are you using? Widget name checking was introduced at some point to help prevent this kind of error, so if you are on a recent version then you should file an issue so the devs know that the name validation isn’t fully working.

To fix the problem you are going to have to:

  1. Shut down OH
  2. Find your jsondb folder. It is in your userdata folder but where that is will depend on how you installed OH.
  3. There are a series of JSON formatted text files in the jsondb directory, you want to open the one titled uicomponents_ui_widget.json
  4. Find the improperly named widget in that file and Just replace the / with something (e.g., _) in the name in that file.
  5. Restart OH: your newly renamed widget should be available without having to delete it.


I’m pretty sure that the widget name validation should already be in that version so I would file a quick issue if I were you.

I can’t find a json file, please what is a exact path to the file ?

I think I found :

and deleted
problem solved

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