Did weathercompany local thing reference change in openhab3?

In Openhab3, I can see that the weathercompany binding still autodiscovers a “local” thing based on the OH3 location settings.

I used to reference it like:
String WU_Condition "Conditions [%s]" <moon> (weather) { channel="weathercompany:weather-forecast:local:forecastDay0#narrative" }

That doesn’t work anymore. In the UI I see that it is online as weathercompany:weather-forecast:bridge:local, where “bridge” is my account name, ie.
Bridge weathercompany:account:bridge [ apiKey="xxx" ]

But when I try to ref the item like this, ie.
String WU_Condition "Conditions [%s]" <moon> (weather) { channel="weathercompany:weather-forecast:bridge:local:forecastDay0#narrative" }
it looks like there is nothing there. Other things besides local work fine, and the local thing (by the same channel name) appears online in the UI.

Is there a new way to reference the local thing in file-based items?

I believe the binding documentation may have your answers. This forum is not a substitute for reading the documentation.

I did a quick Google search and found the direct link on the OpenHAB website.

There was a change to make the thing UID conform to the standard. I thought it was in the 2.5 time frame, but I don’t really remember. Nonetheless, it has changed, but it should work if you define your item to match the weather forecast thing.

Thanks Mark. Yeah I had looked at the binding doc at https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/weathercompany. After initially trying what I saw in the UI didn’t work then I posted here, but maybe I made a typo or something. Today it seems to be working fine. Sorry and thanks.