Different Colors

Hey there,

just starting to play around with HABpanel. It looks like that this piece of software is just that what I missed in openhab - Great work ysc.

But one, perhaps silly, question is open for me and this is just at the beginning of creating a dashboard. Is it possible that the background is in an other color then black? The WAF would, in my case, much higher if the page/dashboard color would be in white or even better there could be a personal image as background.

Is it possible to change the color and / or choose an image as background?


Hey Dominic_Bialas,

We will work on that.
I implemented one experimental feature that would allow you to change background to image and/or color in the future.
It’s not anywhere in the repo yet, but I plan to create Pull Request when it’s ready.

EDIT: In the mean time, could you submit an issue on github?


Hey Kuba,

just created an issue in GitHub.

If you need help for testing, please let me know.

Greetings Nic

Themes are a good idea for sure. 3Hou.se is a good alternative app for Android for now but the official app works better in general. There’s also Project Rotini for doing custom interfaces. Haven’t played with it much but it’s cool too.