Different formatting for item from file vs paperUI

Hi folks,
I’m noticing a difference in the presentation of a number:temperature between an item from paper UI vs defined from an items file. The items in question are linked to the same channel, but the item from the items file has the formatting I would expect of 1 decimal place and the units °C. However the item from the paperUI has no formatting whatsoever.

I’m trying to understand why it is inconsistent between the two items.

items file:

Number:Temperature SetPoint_Temp “Temperature SetPoint” {channel=“zwave:device:dbb93d1a:node11:thermostat_setpoint_heating”}


“Thermostat_SetpointHeating”: {
“class”: “org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.ManagedItemProvider$PersistedItem”,
“value”: {
“groupNames”: [],
“itemType”: “Number:Temperature”,
“tags”: [],
“label”: “Setpoint (heating)”

Output in BasicUI


Neither of the screenshots shown reflect the label of the definition. Perhaps the sitemap entries differ.

It’s definitely not formatting in the sitemaps…

sitemap numbers label="Number Weirdness" {
    Frame label="Item from .items file" {
        Text item=SetPoint_Temp label="Sitemap Element Type Text"
		Setpoint item=SetPoint_Temp label="Sitemap Element Type SetPoint"
	Frame label="Item from Paper UI/jsondb" {
	    Text item=Thermostat_SetpointHeating label="Sitemap Element Type Text"
		Setpoint item=Thermostat_SetpointHeating label="Sitemap Element Type SetPoint"

And even sitemap agnostic UIs (habpanel & Paper) are showing it different.

I actually think the paper UI item is getting it right as there is no pattern defined for the channel (vs other Paper UI temperature items that do have pattern of “%.1f %unit%”). But that begs the question of where the formatting is coming from for the item defined by file?


I’m still a bit worried that none of the items in your habpanel screenshot have labels corresponding to your defined Items.

I think maybe it’s getting it wrong, as the Item is supposed to be a Number:Temperature type ?
It’s quite possible that one or more setpoint widgets don’t handle UoM very well. Your OH version number is going to be needed here.

Either way, I agree with you that there appears to be no good reason why Items defined this way or that way should behave differently.

I find this UoM stuff odd. Previously found that you can both give and take away a “dimensioned” flavour to an Item with updates. That shouldn’t be what is happening here, as both Items supposed to be created dimensioned, and are updated by same channel.
Unless … a dimensionless update comes in from a setpoint widget? That ought to be rejected, but I don’t trust any of this stuff just yet.