Different ON Ramp Rate and OFF Ramp Rate

Is anyone aware of a Z-Wave wall dimmer (USA) that allow us to specify a different value for the ON ramp rate and the OFF Ramp Rate? I have a dimmer in my bedroom and would like to specify a longer OFF ramp rate to allow me to walk from the switch to the bed before the room is dark.

why not write a simple rule to include a delay? a timer or expire binding would work nifty

That’s my plan B, but if there’s a dimmer that fits my need i’ll buy it. The rule seems to use a bit of resources that wouldn’t be needed if the switch supported it.

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I can’t think of anything Z-Wave, but the TP-Link Kasa WiFi dimmer supports short/medium/long ramps in both directions. If you’re concerned about privacy, Kasas work with OH without needing Internet access.

I’d personally just use a rule, on the theory that the additional resources needed for it aren’t a big deal at bedtime. :wink: I have a bedroom routine that shuts down the lights in my house in one-second intervals, so that the lights gradually turn off behind me as I walk toward the bedroom. Silly, but satisfying.

Do you know where to find the documentation for the Kasa dimmer? I was looking earlier but couldn’t find any.

To be clear, I set the ramp time in the Kasa app, not in openHAB. There’s no channel for it in openHAB.

Thanks for the clarification - I was struggling to find the ramp info in the documentation. I tried a rule that dimmed the light 1% every second (100 seconds to full dim) but it ran for over two minutes. That says to me that something is overwhelmed. CPU peaked at 60% and spent most of its time at 30% so I’m assuming the zwave network was overwhelmed.

And having the lights dim behind you isn’t silly (IMO). A friend was walking to the bed in the dark, tripped and landed his shoulder on the bedpost. He spend a year rehabbing his torn rotator cuff.

Yeah, that seems like a lot of commands to spam at your switch. I’d try it with 5-20% increments with a gap in-between. Also, make sure that autoupdate is set to false.

That sucks to hear about your friend. I actually have my bedroom lights turn on first, and then the rest of the house turns off. I use Google Assistant to turn off the lights when I go to sleep.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Kasa ramp-down isn’t anywhere near 100 seconds. I think short/medium/long is a difference of 1/2/3 seconds.

Well that ramp down is much too short for my use case. I currently have the rule doing 5% every 5 seconds. That works ok but each step is visible. Not ideal but it works for a Plan B.

actually really cool and helps, these are the things that having a smart home can’t be appreciated by anyone who doesn’t have it

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If you flash Tasmota onto a dimmer, you can adjust the speed parameter by up to 20 seconds. Would that be long enough?


Tuya-based switches are easy to flash with Tasmota using TuyaConvert, and relatively inexpensive on Amazon.