Different persistence services for charts

Hello. Ist there a way to define different persistence services for charts? At the moment my charts are always using the default persistence service, but I’m using both JDBC(mySQL) and RRD4J.

The ‘default persistence service’ is set under MainUI-Settings-System Services-Persistence.
For the “old style” sitemaps ( created via .sitemap files) the to be used persistence service could be stated in the chart defining line. Read Here

How can I do this for OH3? I would like to assign each chart different persistent services.

To the best of my knowledge the “pure” OH3 charts will allways use the default service.

Found it. First you need to create the chart page over Analyze button. Then go to Seetings->Pages->Created Chart Page. Edit Aggregate Series, click “Show advanced”, then you can select the Persistent Service.

Perfect, thanks!

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Looked for it, but didn’t find it :woman_facepalming:

Learned something in 2023!

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