Differents between android and ios app with switch item

Dear Community,

i have changed now from android to ios, here i found a big different of the apps and also in the browser.

i have a switch item with a button open and close, i need to tap the open button 2 times for stopping, this is working on android and windows.
on ios (app and browser) i cant tap it a secound time, because it looks like a slider, that can only have the status once.

is there a easy way to reset the button status from the sitemap?

Sounds like this issue

Unfortunately it seems to have been closed as not to be fixed.

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Yes, thats the same issue.
i will try the autoupdate false in the item definition.

otherwise I can only wait and see if this is fixed in the app in the next updates.

Thank you for this github post

i have checked now my setup, i have currently autoupdate=“false” for this item :confused: