digitalSTROM binding: strange install, placeholders not parsed (SOLVED)

(Solved: make sure to complete all the settings in the system configuration of the Paper UI and at least select a language before installing de DigitalStrom binding)

The digitalSTROM binding doesn’t install properly from the Paper UI. (binding-digitalstrom - 2.2.0.SNAPSHOT and versions before that).

It seems that it doesn’t parse "placeholders / fieldholders’ tot actual values, so it appears strange on screen. Where it says “@text/BINDING_NAME” should appear the name of the binding etc. The binding itself works well (auto discovering things in Inbox, adding items, etc). (binding-digitalstrom - 2.2.0.SNAPSHOT).

The problem seems to be solved when I install and uninstall the binding many, many, many times, but I’m not sure of that. Does anyone have a solution?