DigitalStrom: Problem with GE-Device (gelb)?

I mananged to get a running installation openHAB 2.1 with digitalstrom Binding on an RPI using the PaperUI.

Now all GE-Device (gelb) in THING are somehow not working. I do the same with a Szene/Stimmung and it working proberly in the HABPanel. I have version 1.42.10 of DigitalServer.

I’m new in this domain and I’m asking me what I do wrong.
Can somebody please help?

It would be great, if you could describe your issues a bit more detailed.
What exactly is not working ?
I am using digitalSTROM here as well and can confirm that it is running rock solid with GE, GR and SW devices.

I configured the think in Paper UI and add a switch widget in HABPanel selecting the new add think.
Then I try to switch and nothing happens. I did the same with Szene it is working fine like you said.

I hope it little bit better described. Thank you in advance for your help.

First, please check if your GE device thing is shown as online in PaperUI
Second, please post your item definition for the GE thing.

Yes, both configs are online in PaperUI. Unfortunately only Szene is working.

Here the details of GE thing:

Thank you

Thanks, but this is not what I asked for.
To control your device, you need to define an item in your .items file under conf/items.
This is what I wanted to see.

Sorry the item was create and linked auto. when I added it.
Is this what you are looking for?

Yes, but I have no expirience with auto created items.
I will try to rebuild your setup in my testing environment to see what’s happening.

I have created it also manually and again for Szene working for GE not working.

Before creating manually, did you delete the automatically created items ?

Could you post your manual created items.

Yes. And created everything manually.

I guess you don’t understand me, I am asking for manual item vonfiguration through as .items config file, not manually created with PaperUI.
something like this

Switch TerraceLight "TerraceLight"	[ "Switchable" ] { channel="digitalstrom:GE:303505d7f800182000000xxx:3504175fe0000000000xxxxx:light_switch" }

So finally, I deleted the item created by paperUI and created an.items file manually adding following switch:

  • Switch OG_Buero “OG Büro” [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“digitalstrom:GE:302ed89f43f02ba00001011c:303505d7f80000400003c1e7:light_switch” }

now I can see the status of light in all panels when i press the wall-switch, BUT is not working on the Classic / Basic / HABPanel when I press the virtual-switch

Please post your according sitemap configuration (.sitemap)

Voila …

//Sitemap File
sitemap home label=“Home”
Frame label=“OG”
Switch Item=OG_Buero

Your channel in the item is not equal to the channel in your earlier screenshot

I know, because it is a complete new installation on an raspberry and new channel.


could you please change the title from “DigitalStorm” to “DigitalStrom” so the thread could be found also in the future.

Thank you

Channel is build by DSS and device id, which don’t change by a new installation as they are hardcoded serial numbers…

Finally I had time…

I did like you proposed and I have done everythink manually

Bridge digitalstrom:dssBridge:302ed89f43f02ba00001011c [ ipAddress=“”, userName=“dssadmin”, password=“dssadmin”, sensorDataUpdateInterval=180]
Thing digitalstrom:GE:GE-KM200 [ dSID=“303505d7f80000400003c1e7”, activePowerRefreshPriority=“low”, electricMeterRefreshPriority=“medium”, outputCurrentRefreshPriority=“high”]

Number TotalActivePower { channel=“digitalstrom:dssBridge:302ed89f43f02ba00001011c:total_consumption_wh” }
Number TotalElectricMeter { channel=“digitalstrom:dssBridge:302ed89f43f02ba00001011c:total_energy_wh” }

//Light (KM-200)
Dimmer Brightness { channel=“digitalstrom:GE:dSS:303505d7f80000400003c1e7:light_dimmer” }
Number ActivePower { channel=“digitalstrom:GE:dSS:303505d7f80000400003c1e7:active_power” }
Number OutputCurrent { channel=“digitalstrom:GE:dSS:303505d7f80000400003c1e7:output_current” }
Number ElectricMeter { channel=“digitalstrom:GE:dSS:303505d7f80000400003c1e7:electric_meter” }

BUT it is not working. Server and KM-200 goes online, but the KM-200 is not linked.
What is wrong?