Dimmable LED Spots for OpenHAB2


i am planning a new Home an want to get dimmable LED-Spots for a few Rooms.

When finished, the following should be possible:

4 to 10 LED Spots (in the ceilling) per Room should be controllable via OpenHAB2 in each Room.

For each Room i need a/multiple piece(s) of Hardware that can do the following jobs:

  • a LED Driver, that can support 10x8W (80Watt) that support PWM signal for dimming.
  • A Controller/Board that can run Tasmota Firmware for using mqtt and generating PWM Signal.

in each Room, all LEDs should be dimmed equaly (LEDs connectected all to the same power-lane)

My Problem:

i have read multiple times, that PWM Signals are software based on most cheap Controllers, which may result in flickering.

I am not sure if there are Devices available which can exactly do what i want. Wihtout need of seperate controller an LED-Driver.

If you have any hints wich hardware i should use, please let me know.

I want to control only white LED Spots, no RGB.


kind regards