Dimmer Control Multiple Hue Bulbs


As mentioned in another post I am trying to switch over to OH 2.0 and I’m running into a few small issues. What I’m looking at now is I have 2 lights in a ceiling fan. They are Philips Hue regular white bulbs. Now each bulbs is showing as a thing. I’ve created 2 items for each thing. A Switch and a Dimmer, however I think I read last night that you don’t need both and can just use a dimmer item? Am I correct in stating that? So for each bulb in the thing, I linked them to the proper items. However, the switch worked and the dimmer did not.

Also I know in 1.8 in order to get my lights to work together I had to set up a dummy switch/dimmer and had to run a rule. When I was looking at the thing I see you can link to multiple switches/dimmers. I tried to link both lights to the same switch and another dimmer and this did not work. I got no response from the lights. Is this not how it is to work? If not, how do you setup multiple lights to 1 switch and or dimmer.

From what i understand it should work that way.
Another option is to use a group with grouptype dimmer and add both individual dimmers to that group. If you link a switch item to a dimmer channel it just maps On and OFF to 100 and 0 respectively so you don’t need a switch. I control all my Hue bulbs with dimmers/Colorpickers, i only use the switches, so i can have an all lights group to switch everything off.

Thanks for the response I’ll try doing the groups again and see how that goes. It did seem to start working a little bit ago but I could be wrong.