Dimmer doesn't change gradually with sendCommand

I have these items

Dimmer  BasementLight1  "Basement Lights 1 [%d]"        <light>     (BasementGrp,LightsGrp) [ "Lighting" ]  { channel="zwave:device:65e4ef47:node19:switch_dimmer" }
Dimmer  BasementLight2  "Basement Lights 2 [%d]"        <light>     (BasementGrp,LightsGrp) [ "Lighting" ]  { channel="zwave:device:65e4ef47:node20:switch_dimmer" }
Dimmer  BasementLight3  "Basement Lights 3 [%d]"        <light>     (BasementGrp,LightsGrp) [ "Lighting" ]  { channel="zwave:device:65e4ef47:node21:switch_dimmer" }
String  BasementScene   "Basement Light Scenes"               { autoupdate="false" }

This in my sitemap

Switch item=BasementScene icon="light" mappings=["MOVIE"="Movie","ON"="On","OFF"="Off"]

and these in my rules.

rule "Basement Lights Scenes"
        Item BasementScene received command
                case "MOVIE" : {

If the lights are at 100, I would expect that when I hit Movie, they would gradually dim to 10. They actually do this for sendCommand(0) but not sendCommand(100). Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known ‘issue’?

Hmm. I never expected this, but i can understand your expectation. But i do not think this is an issue, more likely works as designed.

The dimmer is just the device with which you can dim, not the process of dimming (in a speed of your liking) .

It’s odd why when I send 0 to the dimmer it fades though.

When I push up or down at the switch it fades to 100 or 0. Push and hold and it’s a gradual. So it’s an argument of whether or not the switch can handle doing this with the right command sent to it, then can openHAB send it?

I guess, when switch to 0 it is equivalent to switching off, which is most likely a special case when the light firmware enters the stage. This is also the case for my lightify and hue bulbs. I even can set the speed on my lightify bulbs.

But it is just when switching off.

I think it may be a current deficiency in openHAB. From Jasco(GE):

  1. When Receiving a Z-Wave Dim Command
    Parameter 7 (number of steps or levels)
    Parameter 8 (timing of the steps)

I assume that sendCommand(Number) doesn’t send a Dim command like the switch wants to see?
@chris Can you clear this up?

Edit: Kinda looks like you and other did here… Ugh.

What does it want to see?

OH is sending the standard dimmer commands. If you have “restore to last level” set to true, then it sends a special value instead of 99% (as per the standards), otherwise it sends the value you set between 0 and 99%.

Yeah, I was wrong about that. Seems as though it’s a GE/Jasco issue. Thanks.