Dimmer Group that Alexa can discover

I have an item group that looks like this:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) 		gLounge 		"All Lounge Lights [%d On]" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ]

This works for all lights in that group fine and can be discovered and controlled by Alexa

I want to do group dimming via Alexa - the item file:

Group 	gKitchenDimmers		"The Stinking Lights [%d ]" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] 

Works and can be seen on the sitemap with the simple item:

Slider item=gKitchenDimmers 

But is not discoverable by Alexa - has anyone created a group dimming item Alexa can discover?

answered my own question with a bit more playing:

Group:Dimmer:AVG 	gKitchenDimmers		"The Stinking Lights" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] 
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