Dimmer item in OH 1.8.1 vs 1.8.3 question

I am confused about the dimmer control. In OH 1.8.1 all my dimmers (which I declare as DIMMER in my items) appear as a slider (Classic UI):

In OH 1.8.3 all my dimmers (which I also declare as DIMMER in my items) appear as up and down buttons:

Why does the same item file lead to different results? I would prefer the slider like control. But where is the setting to tweak this?

In the versions before 1.8.1 and all the others after, the sitemap slider item rendered just like in 1.8.3. In OH2 you get the same rendered 1.8.2 slider item in the Basic UI. The iOS and Android apps render the slider item as a normal slider and not as UP/DOWN buttons in all the OH versions (at least those that I know - starting 1.5 upwards).

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Thanks for the quick reply George. However, I cannot see a good reason for this.
Now in 1.8.3 the control suddenly mutates to a UP/DOWN button which is unsuable. My dimmers are only swtiched on and off when clicking these UP/DOWN buttons (100% - 0%) but it is nearly unpossible to actually dim in between (which would be the original purpose of a dimmer control compared to a switch).
When I access the UI with the Android App in 1.8.3 all Dimmers are rendered as sliders as before an you can take control precisely.
In the current version you cannot control a dimmer via Web Browser. This is annoying.

If it is a must for you to have the slider item as a normal slider in the web browser UI, I would suggest to switch to OH2. It’s now in Beta 4 and up to now I didn’t get any issues with my setups on this version. Of course, please be aware that OH2 is still beta!
Also, if you would really want a fine tuning in the web browser using 1.8.3 you could always choose the setpoint item in sitemaps linked to a Dimmer item just like this:

Setpoint item=LivingRoomDimmerItem minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=5

For a quick switch, you can also create a switch item in sitemap linked to the dimmer item in items (this works depending on the binding you have for the dimmer).

If you don’t want to switch to OH2, stay with1.8.1 if you didn’t have any bugs or issues with it!

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Hold the mouse button to dim in web browser.

Yes, I know that it should work this way. However, the level of control is poor, sometimes it dimms quick (you press longer and the light is already switched off completely when you release), sometimes slow and you cannot set the control in the UI to a desired level (e.g. 50%), which is easily possible with a slider.