Dimmer Led 220v without z-wave

Hello, i am running openHAB on my synology and i’m happy with it. I have also MQTT broker running on the same device and working fine with some mqtt item running on ESP32 boards.

I am now thinking about including in OH my lights and i am struggling about my living room leds which are classic GU10 220V dimmerable (10*5.5W) white leds that i run with a boxed dimmer connected to my wall buttons. The functionality is quite easy, if i push and release it makes on/off, while if i hold i dimmer the lights.

I would like to add the OH monitoring and functionality (keeping the wall mounted function) but i was able to find only devices that uses z-wave protocol (fibaro, qubino, aeotec).

Since this is quite expensive (i should include also the zwave controller) and i wouldn’t use this protocol for other devices in the house, i was wondering if there is some alternative to have this with wi-fi (would be great MQTT) or other cheaper protocol.
I don’t need cloud-based solutions or apps as i would prefer to keep everything running local, so also customized solutions would be ok!
Thank you for your help!