Dimmer on OpenHAB


I have “half smart” home. :smile: Is connected to openhab through modbus as slave. OpenHAB is master.






Group Home “Home”

Group GF “Первый этаж” (Home)
Group FF “Второй этаж” (Home)

Group GF_FamilyRoom “Гостиная” <parents_2_4> (Home, GF)
Group GF_Kitchen “Кухня” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Boiler “Бойлерная” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Bathroom “Ванная 1 этаж” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Porch “Крыльцо” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Terrace “Терраса” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Office “Кабинет” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Corridor “Коридор 1 этаж” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Stairwell “Лестница” (Home, GF)
Group FF_Bedroom “Комната 1” (Home, FF)
Group FF_KidsRoom “Комната 2” <girl_3> (Home, FF)
Group FF_MasterBedroom “Спальня большая” <bedroom_red> (Home, FF)
Group FF_Wardrobe “Гардероб” (Home, FF)
Group FF_Bathroom “Ванная 2 этаж” (Home, FF)
Group FF_Corridor “Коридор 2 этаж” (Home, FF)

/* Switches */
Switch FF_MasterBedroom_Light_R “Бра бол сп. прав” (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:0”}
Switch FF_MasterBedroom_Light_L “Бра бол сп. лев” (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:1”}
Switch FF_Wardrobe_Light “Гардероб” (FF_Wardrobe, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:2”}
Switch FF_Bedroom_Light “Бра 1” (FF_Bedroom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:3”}
Switch FF_KidsRoom_Light “Бра 2” (FF_KidsRoom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:4”}
Switch FF_Bathroom_Light “Зеркалo ванна 2” (FF_Bathroom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:5”}
Switch GF_FamilyRoom_Light_Left “Бра гостиная лев” (GF_FamilyRoom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:6”}
Switch GF_FamilyRoom_Light_Right “Бра гостиная прав” (GF_FamilyRoom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:7”}
Switch GF_Office_Light “Бра кабинет” (GF_Office, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:8”}
Switch GF_Bathroom_Light “Зеркало ванна 1” (GF_Bathroom, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:9”}
Switch GF_Corridor_Light “Тамбур” (GF_Corridor, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:10”}
Switch GF_Kitchen_Light “Подсветка в кухне” (GF_Kitchen, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:11”}
Switch GF_Boiler_Light “Котельная” (GF_Boiler, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:12”}
Switch GF_Terrace_Light “Терасса” (GF_Terrace, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:13”}
Switch GF_Porch_Light “Крыльцо” (GF_Porch, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:14”}
Switch GF_ALL_Light “Выключить все” (GF_Corridor, gLight) {modbus=“slave3:15”}

/* Dimmers */
Number FF_MasterBedroom_Blind “Большая спальня [%d %%]” (FF_MasterBedroom, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:0”}
Number FF_Bedroom_Blind “Спальня 1 [%d %%]” (FF_Bedroom, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:1”}
Number FF_KidsRoom_Blind “Спальня 2 [%d %%]” (FF_KidsRoom, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:2”}
Number FF_Bathroom_Blind “Ванная 2го эт [%d %%]” (FF_Bathroom, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:3”}
Number FF_Corridor_Blind “Коридор 2го эт [%d %%]” (FF_Corridor, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:4”}
Number GF_Stairwell_Blind “Лестница [%d %%]” (GF_Stairwell, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:5”}
Number GF_Corridor_Blind “Коридор 1го эт [%d %%]” (GF_Corridor, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:6”}
Number GF_FamilyRoom_Lamp “Гостиная [%d %%]” (GF_FamilyRoom, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:7”}
Number GF_Kitchen_Blind “Кухня [%d %%]” (GF_Kitchen, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:8”}
Number GF_Bathroom_Blind “Ванная 1го эт [%d %%]” (GF_Bathroom, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:9”}
Number GF_Office_Blind “Кабинет [%d %%]” (GF_Office, gBlind) {modbus=“slave4:10”}


sitemap home label=“Sw”
Frame {
Text label=“Lighting” icon=“light” {
Default item=GF_ALL_Light label=“ALL”
Default item=GF_FamilyRoom_Light_Left label=“Бра гостиная лев”
Default item=GF_FamilyRoom_Light_Right label=“Бра гостиная прав”
Default item=GF_Kitchen_Light label=“Кухня”
Default item=GF_Boiler_Light label=“Котельная”
Default item=GF_Bathroom_Light label=“Ванная 1го эт”
Default item=GF_Porch_Light label=“Крыльцо”
Default item=GF_Terrace_Light label=“Терраса”
Default item=GF_Office_Light label=“Кабинет”
Default item=GF_Corridor_Light label=“Тамбур”
Default item=FF_Bedroom_Light label=“Спальня Егора”
Default item=FF_KidsRoom_Light label=“Спальня Веры”
Default item=FF_MasterBedroom_Light_R label=“Бра бол сп. прав”
Default item=FF_MasterBedroom_Light_L label=“Бра бол сп. лев”
Default item=FF_Wardrobe_Light label=“Гардероб”
Default item=FF_Bathroom_Light label=“Ванная 2го эт”

Slider item=GF_FamilyRoom_Lamp label=“Гостиная”
Slider item=GF_Kitchen_Blind label=“Кухня”
Slider item=GF_Bathroom_Blind label=“Ванная 1го эт”
Slider item=GF_Office_Blind label=“Кабинет”
Slider item=GF_Corridor_Blind label=“Коридор 1го эт”
Slider item=GF_Stairwell_Blind label=“Лестница”
Slider item=FF_Bedroom_Blind label=“Спальня 1”
Slider item=FF_KidsRoom_Blind label=“Спальня 2”
Slider item=FF_MasterBedroom_Blind label=“Cпальня 0”
Slider item=FF_Bathroom_Blind label=“Ванная 2го эт”
Slider item=FF_Corridor_Blind label=“Коридор 2го эт”

Frame label=“First floor” icon=“groundfloor” {
Group item=GF_FamilyRoom
Group item=GF_Kitchen
Group item=GF_Boiler
Group item=GF_Bathroom
Group item=GF_Porch
Group item=GF_Terrace
Group item=GF_Office
Group item=GF_Corridor
Group item=GF_Stairwell

Frame label=“Second floor” icon=“firstfloor” {
Group item=FF_Bedroom
Group item=FF_KidsRoom
Group item=FF_MasterBedroom
Group item=FF_Wardrobe
Group item=FF_Bathroom
Group item=FF_Corridor

Problem: if I use frame “Lighting”, I can regulating dimmers. If I use “Floor” -> “room”, I can only view level dimmer. Whats wrong?

It may be because you use within rame “Lightning” the Rendering type “slider” (wich represents the dimmer) and within Floor -> Room you just go with the Standard Rendering type for a number (wich is not a slider)…

From other reasons it is better to not use the Groups within the sitemap, because if you use every single item within your sitemap you can better Change the appearance (e.g. use one item with two different Rendering)…

Can you help me? Please, write example for room…

Yes, create frames an put all your items in there one by one. Long job but you only have to do it once.
You can dim a group provided ALL the items in the group are Dimmers


Group myGroup "some group"
Switch Fred "some switch" (myGroup)
Number Sally "some dimmer" (myGroup)


Group item=mygroup
// that gives you a single line that you can click to see the members
// but you have no control over how they are shown
Text label="some grouping of my choice" {
   Switch item=Fred
   Dimmer item=Sally
// that gives you a single line that you can click to see sub-items
// which you can display how you want
Text item=myGroup {
   Switch item=Fred
   Dimmer item=Sally
// that allows to show the group label/state in the start single line
// the listed sub-items need not be group members

Sorry, i don’t understand…


Group item=GF_FamilyRoom // 1
Text label=“FamilyRoom” //2
Switch item=GF_FamilyRoom_Light_Left label=“Бра гостиная лев”
Switch item=GF_FamilyRoom_Light_Right label=“Бра гостиная прав”
Slider item=GF_FamilyRoom_Lamp label=“Гостиная”

What don’t you understand? Your screenshots show how it works.

The Group in your sitemap, when clicked, shows you all the group members but you cannot choose how. So you don’t get a slider.

The Text { } in your sitemap, when clicked, shows you whatever items you have put between the { } in whatever way that you asked for them to be shown.

Not in your version, but in my example, a bit of both ways:-
Text item=somegroup { } will show the group name/icon/status, if are interested in the group status. But when you click on that you do NOT get the whole group, you get whatever you put between the { } the way that you put it.

It’s up to you to choose which way you want to do it. It’s an example, showing you the way to do it. You leave out the bits you don’t want.

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Can I use my icon for this construction?

Yes of course