Dimmer previous level

I have some Aeon Labs dimmers that are doing well, except, when they are set to say 30% via openHAB and then switched off by any means, the physical switch will return them to 30%. There is no way with the physical switch to set them to 100%

Anyone know of a way to configure the dimmers so that the physical switch always changes between 0 and 100% and not the previous value set by openHAB?

Does it have to just be the physical switch?

The easiest way I can think is just have a simple rule that automatically sets the dimmer to 100% when you turn it on. But that will also affect any Switch for the Item controlling in OH.

I’d still like to be able to set a lower level of light via OH, and only have the physical switch always go to 100 or 0.

When the physical switch is flipped, the KitchenDimmer.state becomes the level of light, say 100 or 35 depending on what it was last set to so it seems I can’t have a rule know if it was the physical switch or a software one, unless… hear me out on this, it seems a bit silly but…

If my sitemap didn’t have a slider for the dimmer, but only had a switch with mappings to certain values, which set variables for the different light levels (lightlevel=low, lightlevel=med) that also set another variable (lightfull = no) so it doesn’t mess with the % level.
The physical switch would change the light.state and it would not set lightfull = no, so a rule could then turn the lights all the way up or all the way down.

Seems like there should be a better way.

In your items file, you should create both a Switch and a Dimmer item for the light DimmerSwitch in question.

Then in your sitemap, only include the Dimmer. If I’m correct controlling the light via Dimmer/Slider does not send an ON|OFF command.

And in your rule file, you can watch for the Actual light Switch to send that ON Command.


Switch MyLightSwitch "MySwitch"
Dimmer MyLightDimmer “MyDimmer”


Rule "Turn Light to 100%"
Item MyLightSwitch received command ON
sendCommand(MyLightDimmer, 100)

Hey that sounds much simpler, and that makes it better. I will do just that.

Hummm, since they both have the same binding both get updated the even when I dim the lights via OH and when the switch on the wall is used. The wall switch results in a

KitchenSwitch state updated to ON

same as when OH changes the dimmer.
I don’t see how to have a rule tell the difference. KitchenSwitch never receives a command, is only updated.