Dimmer Slider springs back, doesn't hold state

Hey all, I have a strange problem:
I have two TKB dimmer plugs that act funny with the ui (iOS app), none of my fibaro dimmers act like this.

If the slider is at 50% and I slide it to zero, it’ll spring back to 50%, if I then slide it back to zero it’ll stick, but not always, sometimes I can never turn it off. Controlling those dimmers from associated fibaro dimmers on s2 has no problems.

Nothing in the logs, any idea how to debug this? Or if it’s a known problem.


Ohh I forgot to say, the weird thing is that this also happens in all apps I’m testing with HomeKit service as well.

Hi Christian,
can you send your corresponding item definition?

This is the problematic items:

Dimmer nursery_lightDim_lamp “Nursery - Lamp [%.1f]” [ “homekit:DimmableLightbulb” ]

Dimmer bedroom_lightDim_lamp “Bedroom - Lamp [%.1f]” [ “homekit:DimmableLightbulb” ]

I’ve removed the HomeKit tag of the items just to make sure. Still happening.
Any ideas? It’s pretty frustrating.

Hi Christian,
just to confirm, your item now reads (no relation to HomeKit):

Dimmer nursery_lightDim_lamp “Nursery - Lamp [%.1f]”

Your sitemap now reads:
Slider item=nursery_lightDim_lamp

Please try to Change your item to
Dimmer nursery_lightDim_lamp “Nursery - Lamp [%d %%]”

and see if this helps.

Thanks for the advice.
I’ve updated to what you said, but I’m still getting the same behaviour.

P.s. I’ll update to newest build tomorrow and see if that fixes anything.

Nothing I did fixed this problem until the new refresh rule was released:

Scratch that, it’s giving me an error which I think is interrupting whatever is causing the problem.
So in the logs I get this and only this:

23:09:10.818 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent    ] - Item 'nursery_lightDim_lamp' received command 0
23:09:10.819 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - nursery_lightDim_lamp changed from 24 to 0
23:09:10.862 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - nursery_lightDim_lamp changed from 0 to 24

I thought it might be the “Switch All Mode” in the device configuration, so I switched it to “Include in all On and All Off groups” and I still get the same behaviour.

@chris Do you think this could be a bug in the zwave binding?

It’s hard to say without seeing the log. All I can suggest is that it looks like you try and set the slider, the binding is probably reading the value back from the device and showing it’s not changed. Why is impossible to say without a log - sorry.

Thanks @chris, here’s a log from booting up openhab and then just changing the slider. You can see everytime I go from a value to zero, it’ll spring back to it’s previous value.

But I’m having a lot of warnings here, so I think something bigger is going on, although this is the only symptom that I can see so far.


Installed from scratch, no errors on launch, only have the zwave binding installed.
Still getting the same behaviour.

Here’s the DEBUG log. Anyone have a clue about what I’m on about?


I’m still getting this btw. It’ll receive the command of 0, updates the item to 0, then updates it back to what it was at before (actually now a random small number, usually between 8-12).

Currently I can get it to the update back to zero with this rule, but its not ideal:

rule "Dimmer Off Test"
        Item bedroom_lamp1 changed
        if(bedroom_lamp1.state < 5){
                sendCommand(bedroom_lamp1, OFF)

Any idea @chris?

Here is my latest log: