Dimmer Type no numeric value

Hey everyone. I am new to openhab so apologies if the question is stupid. So far my journey was fairly successful with configuring some lights, relays sensors etc.
Now I started to work on a dimmer module, cheap zigbee one from ebay.
I connected it easily (zibgee2mqtt), then pressed button to switch on/off directly on it to see the message. User Mqtt viewer and saw that it has {state=“ON” linkquality=“xx”}. I was expecting to see state as integer. I can trigher it on or off using raw data on mqtt but it doesn’t seem to accept numbers. Am I doing something wrong or was I scammed and sent relay instead? Both box and case says dimmer and it doesn’t ‘click’ while switching on and off.

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If you can post the item configuration and raw data used it would help.



Sorry for a late answer, super busy.
So trying to get it to work I’ve been playing with MQTT Explorer on my breaks and got it finally.
So if anyone has the same issue, the explanation follows.
It was indeed a stupid question being a result of a lack of knowledge :slight_smile: I connected the dimmer to zigbee2mqqt without any configuration in openhab and tried to see messages in MQTT Explorer (this is how I have been working with previous stuff to see names of variables in json to use them later in OpenHab. What i had was {“state”: “ON”, “linkquality”=102}. I was expecting to see no state but brightness instead. I could send a message OFF to dimmer/set and it would work, so it acted just like a relay. After tinkering i sent to that same topic {“brightness”=50} and bam! It dropped the brightness and from this point every message coming from the dimmer included brightness parameter as well. Now i can use it no problem.
If someone like me is just learning that staff anc comes across similar issue, then you basically just have to figure out the name of the parameter and send it hoping it will have an impact :slight_smile: Now basic config done in OpenHab including formatting out message and all works as expected.

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