Dimmers vs Switches

I’ve got a few dimmable lights. When I add them it only finds a “dimmer” channel. What I did to start with was add one item as a dimmer and one item as a switch, both linked to the same channel. I’ve just realised that sendCommand(0) is the same as sendCommand(OFF). Is there any upside or downside to having a switch AND a dimmer, or should I remove all the switches?

Some technologies (bindings) will handle “set dimmer ON” differently to “set dimmer to 100%” (it might restore a remembered value). So the answer here is “maybe,it depends”.

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Also, a Dimmer Item can receive ON/OFF as a command so you don’t really need the Switch Item. You can just treat that the Dimmer as a Switch and it will work the same as maintaining the two separate Items.

NOTE: this is also true for Color Items which can be treated as Switch or as Dimmer.

Unfortunately in question of color channels, mqtt2 doesn’t allow to transfer the commands INCREASE or DECREASE to the broker.

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