Dimming help with Hue LTC016 Colour & Ambience bulbs

I bought a Phillips Hue starter kit (bridge, 4 LTC016 colour/ambience bulbs, lighstrip+) this past weekend and I installed the latest stable OpenHab2 on the Ubuntu server I normally use for web development. I’m trying to set up a simple HABpanel to control light brightness and colour for two rooms, but the OpenHab2 Hue bridge binding only finds colour and colour temperature controls for each bulb when it scans the bridge. The Hue android app can dim and brighten the bulbs without changing the (apparent) colour.

I found that you can download custom controls from a repository, but the only hue-specific one I tried, the labelled dimmer just changed the colour temperature. Are there any pre-made controls that can properly dim these bulbs? Or am I going to have to learn OpenHab2’s HAB panel javascript API to get the current colour and then mucking about with the bulb output colour in HSL or RGB to mimic dimming by changing it to black?

Thanks in advance.

Put the ColorItem representing your bulb on HABPanel as if it were a dimmer. The ColorItem can accept Dimmer type commands and the binding will translate that to the proper commands to cause the bulb to dim.

Thanks! I shall try that when I get home from work.