Dimming LED lights and controlling motor/computer fan

Hi everyone,

I am new to openhab but would like to use it for my senior project if I can. The goal is to dim LEDs and slow down or speed up a motor/computer fan. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated

Is there any goal or specific technology that should be used? Are they to be connected to the OpenHAB server or wireless?

If wired is an option a Pi and basic understanding of Python (look at the GPIO Zero class written by Ben Nuttall) is all you need.

We are using a model house to simulate home automation. The features, we are looking for is as follows:

Controlling a fan/motor speed
Controlling music

Was thinking about using PWM for both lights and motor but not sure if openhab can do it with the raspberry pi.
All must be controlled through a phone/ipad/tablet…etc.

You’d need to write a python script that does PWM and call it using the EXEC binding. I think that would work with a slider control.

That sounds very doable, I will start with the script get the everything working first. If there is any issues linking the files I will most definitely post back, thank you very much Rob for pointing me in the right direction.