DIN rail surge relay without additional hardware?

I‘m looking for a DIN rail mounted surge relay which can be either switched by CUL (433mHz) or via WiFi. Is there something like that without buying additional hardware which can be integrated into openHAB as well?


Would it be an option to just buy the housing and put your own stuff into it?


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I use a fair few devices from this company.


Their DScript boards are really great.

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@sihui, Nice idea, thanks. Could place a WeMos D1 mini with a relay in this box and triggering the surge relay which switches the lights. I alread have some WeMos in place (via MQTT). Would be nice low-cost solution. Thank you!

@MDAR, thank you - how would these boards communicate with openHAB?


Out of the box you can use TCP packets, or simple http requests.


If you go for a DScript version, you can write your own logic into the board and use TCP packets to control it.
(But I don’t think they do WiFi versions of the DScript boards)

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@MDAR thanks for the link, look like quality products. I usually test with the cheap stuff then buy quality for the long run.