Direct attach homematic sensor (HmIP-STH)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 3b+
    • OS: openHABian
    • Java Runtime Environment: openHABian integrated
    • openHAB version: 2.3.0
  • Issue of the topic: i try to connect a homematic sensor (HmIP-STH) to openHAB without any additional homematic instance like CCU. Is this possible?

I am complete new to the openHAB stuff. Is it possible to discover and manage a homematic sensor (HmIP-STH)via bluetooth or wifi and manage it directly through openHAB without any additional controller?

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No, this is not possible. The protocol used by the Homematic devices is not open source (and not not documented).

You will either have to use a CCU or the new RPI-RF-MOD module for Raspberry.


Thank you @MHerbst !
Is it possible to Run openhab + rpi-rf-mod on The Same Pi?

I have read that it is possible to run Homegear on the same machine as openHAB (openhabian contains a special option to install it). But I am not sure whether Homegear already supports the new rpi-rf-mod.
The option would be to use Raspberrymatic as base system and then install openHAB. I would assume that it would also work.

ok, the worst case is
1 rbpi for the RaspberryMatic + rpi-rf-mod
1 rbpi for the openhab

You can use the ccu in a lxc Container. Tools like pivccu or yahm will help u to setup this easy on one rpi

Do pivccu or yahm already support the new rip-rf-mod? Otherwise I would simply try to install RaspberryMatic + openHAB on one rpi and test whether it runs stable.

my RPI-RF-MOD will arrive today and i will give it a try and post my result here :slight_smile: thank you so far!

I have a Openhabian Rasperry-Pi 3b and would like to use Homegear included in Openhabian to access some Homematic devices like a water detector (that I didn’t buy yet). For this, I added the module RPI-RF-MOD. I activated Homegear, and it is running (according to ´top´). I installed the Homematic binding but a scan for Things did not find anything. Now I don’t know where to go on from this point, as I have no idea

  1. where to let Homegear know that there is a RPI-RF-MOD. If I had to add something to homematicbidcos.conf (as a readme file suggests), I don’t know how to do it.
  2. where I would add new devices (if I had any)

I checked quite some pages but they are either just for RPI-RF-MOD without Homegear, or about Homegear but without RPI-RF-MOD, or about openHAB / Homematic binding with a very small reference to RPI-RF-MOD but without Homegear. I am lost in the details of my setup :frowning:

I answer my own question:
I found in the Homegear forum (Link in German) that it doesn’t (yet) work with RFP-RF-MOD.