Directory Confusion for items and things

I used the package installer and paper UI to get initial results from my Aeon HEM. My next objective is to create a MySQL database of the results, but I’m confused about directories. It appears my thing, link and item are in /openHAB-userdata/jsondb/, with a title like org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.item. I also have a directory /openHAB-conf/ that has folders for items, things, etc, but are all empty. I was going to add a persistence file there, but am wondering if that is right? Further confusing me is that the persistence section refers to a directory openHAB.home/configurations/persistence that I don’t think I have. Any insights would be helpful.

You can find the default directories here:

That looks like you are looking at the OH 1.x wiki instead of http://docs/ Assuming you are running OH 2.x you should look at the wiki only sparingly as it contains a lot of incorrect (for OH 2.x) and outdated information.

Thanks for the insight. After I posted I realized that openHAB-userdata was my Samba label for the directory: /var/lib/openhab2 which is the respository for the openHAB2 package as noted above by sihui. I’m still struggling a bit, but at least I know where things should go.