Directory permissions for $OPENHAB_CONF/automation/js

Using Openhabian on RPI4. openHAB 3.3.0.M4

I have just installed the JavaScript Scripting add-on and it created the directory /etc/openhab/automation/js with permissions 755

I use VSCode with the default openhabian SAMBA user of openhabian

This means that VSCode fails when it tries to create a file in that directory.

My solution was to change the directory permissions to 775 giving members of the openhab group (like openhabian) access.

Should the JS Scripting add-on be changed to set permissions to 775?

IMHO (as openHABian maintainer) yes as we cannot do that in openHABian as application config is not visible and setting perms just happens the moment you install the addon on OH level
I suggest you open a GitHub PR or issue for the addon with that request. Feel free to quote me

I’ve raised an issue