Disable/enable things (binding) hard way

I can disable and enable a thing, not a binding in OH2 runtime.
After disable in paperUI and OH2 restart, the thing disabled state isn’t stored,
so that thing is active again.

Is it posible to disable the thing remanent and after restart it stays in disabled state please ?
Karaf console: disable binding, store general things disabled state flag etc ???

I need to communicate with the same HW in two not paralell usable ways (binding versus python scripts).
Maybe I can uninstall relevant binding (Python) and reinstall it (if Python isn’t used).
But do I need to clean cache and after reinstall are the all parameters used back ?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rpi4 4GB
    • OS: raspbian bullseye, OH 2.15 last

I find a solution.
E.g. modbus binding
Solution is to disable not only gateway thing but also “endpoint” things.
Disabling “endpoints” is enough.
Maybe a usefull info for someone.