Disable my.openhab offline/online notification (Habdroid)


Is it possible to disable the offline/online message from my.openhab in the habdroid app?

Because I disable automatically every night the internet router.
So I (and my wife) get every day 2 notifications or more if the house detects some activities during nighttime and switch the router on/off again.


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Hmmm. Never thought of such a scenario :wink:
I’ll put this into the plan but can’t promise any dates yet …

I shutdown every device over night: NAS, Router, WLAN,…
This safes a lot of money over the year. And while I’m sleeping I doesn’t need one of this devices. :smile:

Such feature to disable the on/offline message in my.openhab would be awsome!

I see. I thing notification schedule will be a better idea then cause you still want to know it went offline during the day, right?

Correct. The information is only necessary during day (while the house is NOT in “standby mode” ).

Maybe there are 3 possibilities:

  1. switch notification on/off manually (web)
  2. switch on/off via Item/Script/binding
  3. via scheduler

+1. I’d also like to be able to disable the online/offline notifications for iOS.

+1, iOS

+1, iOS

I’d suggest to create an issue request on https://github.com/openhab/openhab-cloud/issues or even better directly a PR that adds such a feature. Probably shouldn’t be too hard to implement for someone who knows node.js.

Did somebody do so? Alternative question: Can we Change the timeout value in the myopenhab Binding? I have an unstable Internet Connection an a few more minutes tollarance would already help…

Or maybe we could get rid of these notifications alltogether.

Any updates on this issue?

I haven’t seen a reported Issue nor a Pull Request!
You have to remember that changes in the source code will/can only be triggered on Github!

Disabling the online/offline notification would indeed be a good thing. In the last days I got many of these notifications. Party because of maintenence of the myopenhab-cloud, but also because of regular automatic restarts on my side.