Disable myOpenHab entirely

Dear Community!

Is there a workaround for disabling myopenhab?
If yes, how can I achieve this? After this, any workaround for using IFTT or other online services?


In paperUI, go to
Add Ons
And uninstall openHAB Cloud Connector

But why did you want to do this?
I gave up with IFTTT due to the response time (Sometimes minutes…)
As far as I know there are not alternatives unless your access your server from outside but you will have to make it secure (Another topic)

Yes that’s what I also thought… Now I’m using IFTT just for my Google Home to turn on my Harmony Hub, etc, but yes response time is really slow (or I can say random, because sometimes it is ok). However, the official extension for Google Home is here, so I think I will leave this whole myopenhab thing… I want to connect my new Alarm System to openHab, so I want something more secure way to connect to my home…

myopenhab IS secure, that’s the whole point! The openhab foundation makes it available to us so that we don’t have to set-up complicated reverse proxies, VPNs, SSL and all the rest. It’s not that difficult for the techies but can get overwhelming if you have never tinkered before.
So it is provided out of the box, free and secure for all.
Sure, sometimes the services goes down a bit, but that’s the price we have to pay for a great, free and supported service.

Sorry, I know this is an old topic, and I forgot to answerbut still I hope that I can somehow achieve this.
I’m more like a “techie” so, yes reverse proxy was not hard to set up and I want to use it that way…
However I want to have Google Home integration.
Is there any method to only use myopenhab for Google Home and disable everything else?
The only method is to set up an own myopenhab cloud instance?