Disable ssh startup/loging splash screen?

I have remote openhab instances across a poor network connection (tmobile hotspots). Very often they get stuck right after the password input “########## openhab #####”.

Is there a way to disable the splash screen?


That’s more of a sshd / Linux question.

The only thing I know about the splash screens is that I’ve edited the displayed text by finding these files


I’m not even sure it’s possible to disable the splash screen.

If it helps you, the SSH client on my android phone sometimes gets the splash screen then hangs the connection.

But PuTTY always works first time.

Are you referring to FireMotD?

Assuming you’ve installed using openHABian, I think you just need to edit the call to FireMotD in your /home/openhabian/.bash_profile file. Remove or comment out the line FireMotD --theme Gray.

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Ha yea, so much to learn. I didn’t know it had a name :slight_smile: I’ll have to play around with this. Thank you!

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