Disable z-wave things

I’m using OH 2.4.0 and find two points we should discuss about disabling z-wave things:

  1. Disabled things are enable again after reboot
  2. Disabled things a shown active in Habmin network viewer (Thing and connections).

For 1) I would like to suggest a persistent behavior of the disabled state
For 2) I would like to suggest a grayish display style for the disabled thing. If and how the connections should be displayed is not clear to me as I don’t know the internal logic of neightborhood.

Please let me know your opinions about this.

– Tolotos

IMO, these look like useful features. You may want to add an issue in the appropriate repos for the feature requests, with a link back to this thread.

Done, thank you!



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As I commented on the issue, I don’t really see the point in this. If you disable a thing, this is only disabled in OH - the actual network itself does not change. The neighbors are still visible, the routes are still used, so I think showing them in some other color is wrong. It would lead people to think that there is a difference when they disable a node, and this is not correct.

I disable a outdoor switch which is physically removed from the power outlet (switch for the christmas decoration).
If the disable funktion is not build to use for such a usecase please let me know how can I temporary remove a thing with deleting and include again.

Well, if you do this, disabling the thing will only stop OH from sending commands etc to it. The ZWave controller does not know this, and it will continue to try and communicate with it. Personally, I would not recommend doing this - it would be better to exclude the device if you aren’t planning on using it for 12 months.

The switch is inside a “sealed” box. The switches switch (I hope you understand) for exclude/include is only reachable be breaking the seal and I need external help to seal again. (German: Gießharzmuffe / Google-Translate: Cast resin sleeve). This is not a practical solution for my side.

I understand your objection. For me is only a cosmetic issue in HabPanel. The other things are removing their neighborhood slowly. So for your closing of the GIT issue is not causing me jumping from a bridge, but the disable function exists and I still think this state should be visualized.

This is where I disagree. The network viewer is to show the state of the network. Disabling the thing by setting the thing to disabled in OH will not in any way impact the network - the controller will continue to use the device. As far as I know, there is no way to do this.