[disappeared] Incoming events are apparently ignored


I’m not shure if it is a binding problem…

After my Windows installation of openhab2 (2.4) got slower and slower (I had to restart it every 2-3 Days to avoid the delays), I moved openhab2 to Linux. Using a Atom-based mini PC, Ubuntu 18 LTS, make a fresh install using openhabian, transfer the rules + settings… I need to rescan the z-wave things (not reinclude, just delete + search), having some minor problems getting all things discoverd correctly… it works.

After a few hours, I noticed that all the sensors did not work anymore. After a reboot everything was ok again.
Now, 6 hours later, motion detection was gone again. So I take a closer look I find, that all Input over z-wave is affected. Keyfob does not open the door or switch on the light, doortild-sensor does no update, motion-sensors don’t respond and so on. So I start a debug-log for z-wave - but that one looks good. Obviously, the data send form the sensors oder keyfob was received, but not updating the items or trigger the rules. At the same time it was possible to control the switches via habpanel. So openhab was able to control the z-wave devices but does not receive any updates from them.

Reboot again - anything fine again.

I have no idea where to look for the error, any hints?

cu - Arndt

Is the Windows setup still active? I’m not into zwave but, maybe, if it is active, maybe your events end in another setup? :slight_smile:

I left it for a while to look at the settings. but I shut it down… the z-wave controller (receiver) is an usb device, so the old instance don’t have contact to z-wave afer plugging it in the new pc.

So in the zwave trace log you see values from zwave devices coming in? But nothing in events.log? When you look in Habmin / PaperUI are the channels / items all still there?

Exactly. E.G: during sunset I saw a luminance sensor reporting frequently lower values, but the item/channel stay on 90%, witch was the luminace during afternoon. And nothing in the event log - after reboot, something like “senosor_luminance changed from 10 to 8” appear in the event log, and the items was updated.

Dunno why, but it did not happend again.

I noticed some strange effects in HABmin, so Thinks with linked Items show all Channels empty, but after reloading the whole page the linked Items were displayed again in the channel view of a thing.

Well, yesterday I don’t touch Things and Items but redo a complete new HABpanel design. Openhab was stable over this time. Maybe the problem was some kind of “race condition” while changing a lot of things and items in a short interval?

cu - Arndt