Disarm z-wave motion sensor

Dear all,

I’m trying to find the way how to disarm the fibaro motion sensor when I’m at home. Is there any command for that?
More in general when I want to disable some sensor for a time is there any best practice to follow?

thank you for the help


what exactly do you mean by “disarm”? I’ll take a guess: You have a rule that does something when the sensor is triggered and you only want that to happen when you’re not at home?
Or you want an action to happen only once evry hour even if the sensor is triggered repeatedly?
That would be two different pairs of shoes needing two different solutions.

Hello Oliver,

Yes! It is exactly your first guess. I mean I want to trigger the motion only when I’m not at home.

Then you’ve got two choices:

Fast and limited:
Create a Switch Item (e.g. SonoACasa) and turn it ON when home and OFF when you leave. In your rule check the state and do whatever only when OFF, maybe like so:

rule "motion alarm"
	Item TheSensor changed to ON
	if (SonoACase.state==OFF){
        //do stuff

Advantage: easy and implemented in a few minutes
Downside: if you forget to push the Button…i won’t work right

Time consuming but lots of additional features:
Implement Presence detection
A very good example is here:

Advantage: Works automatically and you can do much more cool stuff. Like turn on lights automagically when you come home in the dark, have your house greet you…

Disadvantage: Initially, much more work. Could take a couple of hours until running smoothly. But totally worth the effort IMHO