[Discussions] Possible improvments to cloud service for openhab

Since openHAB Cloud is in use since quite long time and its use is constantly growing (based on statistics from past years) I believe we have a quite big pool of users to ask what are the features you love, and what are features you do miss in existing universe.

My proposal is fairly simple - post the feature you miss with "I MISS " statement or "I LOVE " to indicate your sentiment. Other users can give it a “like” to to count votes. I think it will be the best and most open way to have a wide user survey. :slight_smile:

I do not ask who, how and in which way will implement that. My motivation to is to see pain points and key features you see in existing service.



I LOVE the self hosted option.


I MISS support for connections from multiple openhabs.


I think they are waiting for somebody to host an openHAB Cloud and charge for stable access. You could then add your own features, paid for by subscribers.

I LOVE the Google Assistant integration.


I MISS two factor authentication.


I LOVE that users can remotely access their OH instances without exposing ports on their home network.


I MISS the fact that sometimes (most of the time) notifications are significantly delayed.


I LOVE the ability to set up multiple users on one account with varying levels of permissions.


I MISS the online/offline notification when the OH instance loses connection with myopenhab.org servers.


I MISS that the list of devices doesn’t show the last time that each device connected to myopenhab.org. I’ve four copies of my personal phone listed and am not sure which one is my actual phone that I’m currently using (it got replaced under warranty).


I MISS that you can’t wipe individually clear your event log, notifications, or devices. It’s all or nothing.

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No need to say the same, so I´ll just…

I MISS what Lukasz says about mutiple openhab connections.
I LOVE what Rich says.
I LOVE what Russ say about the Google Assistant Integration. Mix this with Lukasz mutiple openhab connections, and I´m pleased, for now :slight_smile:

I MISS cloud data storage, I want to have freedom of connecting things, without having to worry about storage.

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I MISS the ability to access other services on my LAN through myopenhab.org.

Honestly, I don’t think this is necessarily a good idea and probably way more than we would want to take on resource wise, but it’s requested all the time and I want to make sure it’s captured. The big use case is putting camera feeds and interactive Grafana charts on sitemaps/HABPanel. Though people have gone as far as wanting a way to administer their machines this way too.


I MISS integration with IFTTT.

I don’t actually miss it, but this also gets requested a lot. So I’m adding it for the sake of completeness.


It is available with self hosted.

I think the Foundation hopes somebody will host and charge a subscription for users so they will not be so resource constrained. the Foundation cannot charge for their services.

It’s just a blue-sky discussion, Bruce. Per Łukasz’s original post:

Nothing wrong with talking about what could be so long as no one is expecting it to go anywhere. :wink:

I would have to very much disagree with this statement. Speaking for the foundation, and as the primary maintainer of our service, we ask for help and volunteers to make our service better, but are not looking for others to commercialize a core part of our community.

Throwing more hardware at our cloud service alone will not make it more reliable. I am very, very open to anyone willing to donate their time in a meaningful way to refactor and improve the cloud service, but this is not a small task given the volume of usage we see. So while we do have occasional PR’s, changes can disrupt thousand upon thousands of users, and my time is spread very thin across many projects.

One of my goals right now is to at least move our deployments to Kubernetes along with a automated Travis Ci pipeline . My hope is that this will help improve our overall confidence in deployments and foster a greater tolerance for accepting changes in the code base.

I would love to re-enable IFTTT at this point, and that is one of my goals, so if there are others who can donate time around helping with scripting our pipeline to k8s or refactor our base to modern es6 standards, please let me know !


I’d help if I understood more of the words in your last two paragraphs, Dan. Instead, I’ve gone cross-eyed trying to read them. :wink:

Also, I LOVE than myopenhab has been rock solid since IFTTT was disabled.