Dish Network API

I have contacted Dish Network about access to their API, and received the following email:

Hello Mr. Smale,

Apologies for the delayed reply. Would you please have someone from OpenHAB reach out to us to request the API for development? They would also need a Gracenote(formerly Tribune) TMS license.

Once they reach out to us, I will work with them to get them an API and work with them to create an IP driver for the Hopper and Wally platform.

Developer Program | DISH Network, LLC | | 9601 S. Meridian Blvd | Englewood, CO 80112

Since they won’t release anything to me directly, is there anything you can do from your end?


Branden Smale

Hi Branden,

Well, I can contact them to teach them a bit what open source communities are about - after all, YOU are the “someone from openHAB”, which would be the right person to share the API with. But I am not sure about what exactly their Gracenote license terms mean - if you would accept this license, would you be allowed to publish code under the EPL (which in general allows using the code also in commercial ways?). Not clear to me, but in general, having to accept license agreements for getting access to an API is incompatible with open source code in the end.


My reading of their trial API terms of use, they require a company to have purchased a license and you must be an employee of said company to obtain a license key.

So, in short, their API is closed to open source developers.


Any help in this would be great…thanks

Seeing @rlkoshak’s comment, I doubt that there’ll be much sense in contacting them… They have laid out their terms of use and they are incompatible with open source, there’s no way around that.
So the only option would be to reverse engineer their API. Might this be something feasible? Can the API be “learnt by doing”?

I would love to be able to say I have any clue how to to about it, but I don’t…maybe someone here can lead me in the direction to be able to, or help in this matter.

I have installed wireshark, can anyone lead me to starting to reverse engineer the api in question?

I think HAK5 has some videos on the use of wireshark, although maybe not application specific they could help you get familiar with the software at least. Sorry I’m not more helpful.