Dish Network Binding

Does anyone know how i could control my dish hopper over the network? There is a possible 2nd Screen API available, has been used by crestron, control4, a few others. i applied for the developer program, but i know nothing of developing bindings, for that matter i struggle with getting openhab set up…but maybe someone here can help with it.

Man I really wish for this too, but I lack the skill set as of this moment in time.
On a side note:
I noticed when my friends galaxy s6 joined my wifi network on his lock screen he had a remote for my hopper. I thought that was a super useful feature, But also something I need to secure. but the whole hopper system is like magic to me. I havn’t a clue how it all works, it just does. Even if i disconnect the ethernet the Joey’s still work, also with wifi disabled.

But If you make any progress or find anything out I’d be happy to give it a try and test it out.

I too lack the knowledge and time to go further with it. I downloaded wireshark at one point, but it was confusing to me. I know its possible to backwards engineer, just dont know how.