Disk IO: Homematic Binding OH2 vs OH3 --> number crunching

In OH2 the Disk IO is very low at all, just a few kilo:

Started with OH3 M1 a while ago and moved on to M4 meanwhile. As soon as I create homematic IP based things and items (no rule active so far), the Disk IO is going wild start writing megabytes

Hardware is CCU3 and about 15 thermostat devices, 5 window sensors, sirens und much more.
I wonder if this somehow can be changed?

The question is what component of OH is doing this I/O? In the Homematic binding there have only been some little changes for a better compatibility. I don’t think that the binding itself produces does more reads.

I’d ignore that for the time being as there’s substantial issues with thread/rule scheduling in M4. Possibly fixing those will affect your issue as well.

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